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The Bandstand on Sworders Field is available free of charge for amateur and charitible groups. It can be used informally for impromptu performances at any time (unless there is a booking), however if you plan to advertise your event and in all cases for commercial performances you will need to book in advance.
Electricity is now available via two x 16 amp commando sockets. A £6.00 charge will be levied for this facility. 

Some events will require Temporary Event Permission (Temporary Event Notice  - TEN) which can be obtained from East Herts District Council. The rules for TENs have recently been relaxed and as a result a TEN will not usually be required for a music or theatrical performance where the audience does not exceed 500 people (there is no limit on audience size if it is a music event without amplification). You are advised to check as regulations do change from time to time and groups using the bandstand are responsible for checking the requirements, obtaining any necessary permission, and for organising and promoting the event.  

During the summer months a cafe operates near the bandstand and there is an ice cream van at the nearby paddling pool area and organisers may wish to contact the people running these facitities in advance to ascertain whether they will be present.
Contact details are available from the Town Council.

There are no toilet facilities at the bandstand, however a single unisex cubicle is available at the paddling pool.

Please Note: The use of paper lanterns and helium balloons is not permitted on Sworders field.

To hire, please contact Tracey Gaynor on 01279 715004 (


Pricing :
Hirer Hire Charge 2024
Amateur and Charitable groups Free of Charge
Commercial use Please contact Bishop's Stortford Town Council
Use of electricity £6 per day
Room Information :
Area Capacity Dimensions/Note
Bandstand Small band up to about 10 piece Octagonal about 6.5m across
Seating area Suitable for 10-several 1000 people Seating is on the ground - grass

The Bandstand, Sworders Field, The Causeway, Bishop's Stortford Please note the bandstand does not have a postcode. The map below shows the nearest postcode, the bandstand is about 50m due north of the point shown.

CM23 2EJ