Members :

Cllr Martin Adams (Chair)
Cllr Calvin Horner
Cllr Sarah Copley
Cllr Miriam Swainston
Cllr John Wyllie
Cllr David Jacobs
Cllr Alex Chapman

Remit :

Financial Management

  • to consider annual estimates of income and expenditure and recommend to the Council the amount of precept to be levied by the Town Council;
  • to receive periodical statements of the Council’s actual and budgeted income and expenditure and to recommend future corrective action if necessary;
  • to review annually and recommend the Council’s scale of charges for all the Council’s services prior to the annual budget meeting and recommend the scales to be levied to Council
  • Periodically to review and approve (subject to call-in) the Council’s investment strategy
  • To consider and recommend to Council any loan required to support the Council business or which it is proposed Council makes to a third party
  • To review and approve (amended as appropriate) the budget for annual pay reviews recommended by the Chief Executive Officer, subject to the constraint that it is within the overall budget recommended to and subsequently adopted by Council

Fixed Asset Management

  • To consider and recommend to Council the acquisition or disposal (whether by sale or lease) or re-designation of any real-estate having regard to any recommendation made by any other committee the services overseen by which depend on the asset.
  • To review and approve (subject to call-in) the licence for the use of any parcel of land for a period (or with a term of notice) not exceeding 6 years where the land is owned by the Council and where such approval has not been delegated to the Chief Executive Officer.

Council Policies

  • To keep under review the Council’s standing orders, financial regulations, committee remits, investment policy and other governing documents and recommend changes to Council
  • To review personnel policies recommended by the Chief Executive Officer and approve (subject to call-in) such policies (amended as necessary).


  • To review periodically, in consultation with all Councillors and Council Committees, the strategic objectives for the Council (the “Council Strategy”) and recommend adoption to Council
  • To implement a framework for the delivery of the Council Strategy which including where appropriate allocating strategic deliverables to Council Committees, formulating strategies to influence external bodies, where required to execute the council strategy
  • To monitor the progress of the Council Strategy and provide summary period reports to Council


  • To oversee the operation of the services to the public and the internal services allocated to the Committee in the table of services (as set out in the Constitutional policies of the Council)
  • To review service policies recommended by the Chief Executive Officer which relate to the services allocated to the Committee in the table above and approve (subject to call-in)* such policies (amended as necessary).


  • To consider any activity of the Council referred to it by the Council.