Welcome To Bishop's Stortford Community Transport CIO

Bishop's Stortford Community Transport CIO is a registered charity (Charity Number 1172934). We have a fleet of three minibuses in total and are managed by Bishop's Stortford Town Council. We provide a not-for-profit minibus hire service and also operate the Stortford Shuttle community bus service around the Bishop's Stortford area. Stortford Shuttle stops by the Herts and Essex Hospital (see further details and timetable below).

Self Drive Hire:

If you are a "not-for-profit" group/charity thinking about organising a regular weekly outing, or just simply want to arrange a day trip for your members then why not try our affordable Self-Drive Hire minibus service. Groups will need to provide their own driver with a D1 entitlement on their driving licence and travel with Section 19 Permit where necessary. The buses seat between 13 and 16 people including driver seat. Both the minibuses are automatic, the 13 seater minibus can accommodate a wheelchair and has and electric tail lift installed (a space for one further wheelchair can be arranged upon request).

For further information about Self-Drive hire, please contact Tracey Gaynor on 01279 715004 (tracey.gaynor@bishopsstortfordtc.gov.uk).

Stortford Shuttle:

Operates Monday-Friday 07:50-15:00 hrs and Saturdays 09:00-13:00 hrs (except bank holidays)

Stortford Shuttle (STSH) is our community bus service that operates a 1 hour circular route, it travels through Bishop's Stortford 6 times every weekday and 4 times on a Saturday (except Bank Holidays).  The registered route covers Thorley, Havers, Parsonage, Bishop's Gate and Herts, the Essex Hospital and the Town Centre.  You can hop on anywhere along the route, to view the route visit the Intalink link below.  If you want to hop on somewhere along the route you just need to hold out your hand, and the driver will stop at the closest safe space. STSH travels along some areas not covered by the commercial bus companies.  You can get around town for just £2 (single journey) or pay £4.50 for an all day ticket.   Older persons and disabled bus passes aswell as SuperSaver Cards are accepted.  All welcome!

(see Timetable listed below) or contract Anne Shirley on 01279 712146 or Tracey Gaynor on 01279 715004

Help for Households - pay no more than £2 on a single journey up to 31 December 2024

Pay less to travel on the Stortford Shuttle (STSH) From 1st January to 31 December 2024, a single bus journey will cost no more than £2.00 for any paying passenger. Valid older persons bus passes are accepted.

STORTFORD SHUTTLE TIMETABLE & INFORMATION: www.bishopsstortfordtc.gov.uk/stortford-shuttle or timetable below
Printed timetables are available upon request and are displayed at some bus stop; you can also pick up a timetable from the Tourist Information Centre or from Bishop's Stortford Town Council.

STORTFORD SHUTTLE ROUTE: visit https://rb.gy/917hm

FACEBOOK:Visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Stortford-Shuttle-578208765669653/ or

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/@StortShuttle 

Additionally further information about other community transport can be found on the Community Transport Herts website: www.communitytransportherts.org. (Please note the Community Transport Hertfordshire web page is NOT set up or managed by Bishop's Stortford Town Council.)

Volunteer Trustee Vacancies

This is an opportunity for you to make a real difference in people’s lives and your local community!

Our charity supplies the above transport services. These services help many elderly residents, those with special needs and learning difficulties, and families alike stay connected with their community and continue, to access shops and the vital health care services they need etc. The transport we provide is extremely valued by the many people who need it. Without us many people may become lonely and isolated.

The Trustees of Bishop’s Stortford Community Transport CIO are all volunteers and currently meet for board meetings 4 times a year, these meetings are no longer than 2hrs and are usually online via MSTeams with the one meeting being in person face-to-face per year.

We currently have 2 volunteer Trustee vacancies.

If you are interested and want to know more please contact tracey.gaynor@bishopsstortfordtc.gov.uk or call Tracey on 01279 715004.