Community Grants Programme

Bishop’s Stortford Town Council currently has a commitment to offer grants to a wide variety of organisations that help to maintain opportunities for the residents of Bishop’s Stortford.  These grants are typically in the range £200-£5000 and can be for capital projects or, in some circumstances, revenue expenses.

The Brazier Trust, for which the Town Council is the trustee, also awards grants of a very similar nature.  With effect 1st April 2021 the Town Council has decided that the money it sets aside annually for Community Grants will be donated to and then awarded by the Brazier Trust.  From this date, therefore applicants should make a single application to the Brazier Trust.

Grants may be made for capital purposes, one off projects, or for non-recurring revenue support. The Trust will not normally provide grants for services that should be funded by other statutory authorities, political purposes, or to supplement any shortfall in expenditure incurred by another authority.  The Trust cannot guarantee a grant to any organisation or individual and will normally expect to distribute grants to a variety of organisations, meaning a potentially smaller amount is awarded than that applied for.

The Trust reserves the right to decline any application or to apply conditions to the grant and also, if a grant is awarded, to reclaim part or the entirety of a grant if it is not satisfied that it has been spent in accordance with the application and/or conditions applied.

A more detailed explanation, along with the application form, can be downloaded below.

Capital Grants Programme - Tranche 2

Bishop’s Stortford Town Council is making available up to £500,000 to provide capital grants to local non-commercial organisations which benefit the residents of the Town.  Grants from this fund will be for a maximum value of £50,000 per organisation, and any organisation may apply for only one grant.  Organisations which were awarded a grant in November 2021 under the Major Sports Grants fund are not eligible to apply.  Grant applications must be for capital purchases only, revenue expenses, other than those directly required to implement the capital project (e.g. costs of design, planning consent etc) will not be funded.

Applications must be received no later than 31st July 2022.  The application form, which includes details of the supporting documents required and the principal conditions which will be attached to any grant, appears below (Bishop's Stortford Town Council Major Grant Programme Application Form).  Applications must be submitted electronically to