Neighbourhood Planning (Revision) Team

Neighbourhood Planning is the way for the local community to have a direct say in development.  Two Neighbourhood Plans cover Bishop’s Stortford (and a part of Thorley Parish).  These were completed in 2015 and 2017.  These, together with the District Plan, contain the policies against which all planning applications are assessed.

Bishop’s Stortford Town Council is now commencing a limited revision of the two Neighbourhood Plans to bring them up to date and better align the policies across the town.  This process, which is expected to take about 12 months, will be undertaken largely by a ‘Neighbourhood Plan Team’ comprising representatives of Community groups and interested individuals. They will form part of a larger consultation group which will work with the team on specific areas of the plan.

If you are interested in volunteering to contribute, we are looking for expertise in the areas of Housing and Design and Education, and site specific areas including, East of Manor Links, Old River Lane and the Town Centre.

For further information, on volunteering please contact Sim Richardson ( or call 01279 712142

Planning and Development Committee

Bishop's Stortford Town Council Planning and Development Committee is a statutory consultee on all planning applications affecting the Town. East Herts District Council is the legal planning authority and planning decisions are ultimately made by them. East Herts DC will take into account representations made by Bishop's Stortford Town Council.

Planning Process and Policies

The Government's Planning Portal explains the planning process in more detail at 

To find out more information regarding planning or to view plans online visit

The current East Herts District Plan is available here

Neighbourhood Planning

The Neighbourhood Plans for Bishop's Stortford have replaced many former Bishop's Stortford Town Council's Planning Policies and have statutory force.

Neighbourhood Plans give the local community a legally binding say in the planning of new development and are as important as documents created by East Herts District Council.  There are two Neighbourhood Plans for Bishop's Stortford because it was felt that it would be too much to cover the whole town in one go.  These cover Silverleys and Meads wards and, in a separate plan, All Saints, Central, South wards and part of Thorley parish

They have statutory force and carry equal weight to the East Herts Local Plan.  

No Comment Responses to Certain Applications

The Bishop's Stortford Town Council planning committee will review all applications for planning permission in Bishop's Stortford.  Applications for commercial or larger domestic developments are considered individually.  The Committee will enter a 'no comment' response to applications for smaller domestic developments which lie wholly within one or more of the following classes unless a representation or letter of objection has been received from a member of the public or a Councillor or member of the public would like to speak on the particular application:

  • Domestic 1 story rear extensions <4m
  • Domestic 1 and 2 storey extensions which project no further than the building line of immediately adjacent buildings
  • Domestic 1 storey side extensions >=1m from side boundary
  • Domestic porches

Such applications will still appear in agendas and minutes for meetings of the Planning Committee.